vol. II
Read More An album that feels like a wonderful journey. It leads through genres, feelings and stories.

Songwriting Camp


The moment when words & melodies unite and become musical stories. Songs can comfort us & make us laugh. We can fall in love with songs, but they but they can also hurt like hell. Songs can give us courage and inspire us. Some of them accompany us for a lifetime.


Our ORIGINALS are songs that are released as unaltered as possible and as soon as possible after the sessions. The point is to capture the special energy of the moment, because this magic can usually not be reproduced later.


  1. genuine and unadulterated in terms of quality, origin and provenance; not imitation, counterfeit
  2. [striking] special feature based on certain creative ideas, independent thoughts or similar, unique note


In the age of streaming and digital distribution, we want all creatives involved in the creation of a work to participate fairly. This includes not only songwriting & production, but also artwork, video & promotion, etc.

fairtreat is our approach to this.