Almenland Songwriting Camp

18.10 - 24.10.2020





How can I apply?

Due to the current situation, we cannot yet say exactly how many participants we can invite in autumn. But we are already thinking about who should not be missing this week and who is still missing in this family that has grown over the last 3 years!

What you should send us by email:

- max 3 songs, where you have written or participated as
   a songwriter, lyricist, voice, producer,  musician, artist

- short bio + social media links (artist profile)

- why do you want to be a part of the welovemelodies family?

We try to answer you all as good & fast as possible.

More information will be updated in the next weeks & months.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Take care!

Bernie & Flinte

Thanks to all our sponsors & supporters of the past years!