Songwriting & Camps.

Special songs are created when
very special people find each other.

A long, long time
ago in the Almenland….

It happened that the musician Bernhard packed his seven things (including boxes, computer, microphone and many cables) & set out to follow a dream.

He wanted to find magic & valuable treasures in various places. He succeeded! The magic were special authors & artists, the treasures were songs written together, which cannot be weighed in gold. When Bernhard returned home, he felt that also right here – in the nature & peace of his homeland – a very special magic could be found. So he decided to bring all the magical beings he had discovered along the way to Almenland.

Bernhard’s dream came true: the first Almenland Songwriting Camp!

The years went by & the fairy tale is far from over. welovemelodies & the Almenland Camp are already celebrating their 5th birthday!!!! Chardonnay!

& if they haven’t died, they are still writing today….

Almenland Songwriting Camps.